Authentic Dried Mexican Chiles

Authentic Dried Mexican Chiles

Dried Mexican Chiles

Culinary Farms carries a wide range of dried Mexican chiles. Click on each chile below to learn more.

Authentic Dried Mexican Chiles Ancho Chilaca Chile de Arbol Chipotle Guajillo Habanero Pasilla

Add a spark to any recipe with the distinctive flavor profiles of true dried Mexican chiles. Pure, characteristically pungent ingredients — unblended and dried from authentic fresh chiles without the application of sulfites.

Our attention to sourcing and supplying the best quality products creates the critical difference in our line of Mexican Dried Chiles. Through a consistently monitored relationship with our supplier in Mexico, the chiles we provide are pure, unadulterated and give reliable pungency, particle size and optimum quality. Now steam-treated or irradiated, and in various formats.

Our chiles are available in flakes, ground, pastes, purees and smoked. Please contact us for whole pods. Also, try our flavor-enhancing Smoked Sea Salts.

Need a custom chile blend with spices like salt, garlic, or cumin? Learn more about our custom products and services. We can create custom dry spice blends based on our products. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Culinary Farms is SQF Code Level 2 Certified.

To Request Samples: E-mail or call Customer Service at 888-383-2767 (Ext. 710)


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