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Dried Roasted Products

Smoked Dried Products

Culinary Farms Dried Smoked products include tomatoes, bell peppers, chiles, cherries and salts. Click on each product below to learn more.

Dried Roasted Products Sun Dried Tomatoes Fresh Dried Tomatoes Organic Dried Tomatoes Pure Sun Dried Tomato Paste Chile Flakes Green Bell Peppers Red Bell Peppers Smoked Dried Cherries Smoked Sea Salts

Create distinctive foods with the wonderful richness of our smoked dried products and the intense flavor of our easy-to-use pastes. Our popular smoked products give a unique taste to foods.

Savory, natural flavor infused by careful smoking over a proprietary blend of woods — with no artificial ingredients or chemical smokes — is the secret to the rich, true flavors you’ll find in our smoked dried tomatoes, chiles, pastes, smoked cherries, sea salts and roasted bell peppers. All of these products are a flavorful addition to dry mix applications and liquid systems like sauces and dressings.

Give us a call to learn more about our custom products and services. We can smoke any plant based products that are non-allergens.

Culinary Farms is SQF Code Level 2 Certified
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To Request Samples: E-mail info@culinaryfarms.com or call Customer Service at 888-383-2767 (Ext. 710)