About Us

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Culinary Farms is a reliable global supplier of high-quality, safe and distinctive natural food ingredients focused on innovative solutions for applications. 

Our Mission:

To supply the freshest and most flavorful natural ingredients.

Our Vision:

We strive to become the partner of choice within the food industry.

Founded in 1995, our expertise in dried ingredients is used to contribute distinctive flavor and appeal to a wide range of dry and wet mix, prepared and processed food applications. Our development team assists customers with flavor system formulations, ingredient sourcing and customized dried ingredient processing.

Based in agricultural California, we are managed by an experienced team. We understand food processing well – from quality control and accountability, to the actual growing, sun drying and dehydrating products for processing and fresh markets. Our operations use a variety of tools including harvest plans, a network of carefully managed growers and just-in-time service support.

Culinary Farms is committed to sound environmental and sustainability practices which contributes to higher quality and safer products, and a thoughtful working environment for our employees.

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In the fall of 2017, Culinary Farms was acquired by BC Foods.

BCFoods is a global ingredient company offering a wide range of high quality dehydrated vegetables, select herbs and spices along with custom seasoning blends.

Our vertically integrated network of production and distribution centers allows us to deliver high quality ingredients via our sustainably certified farm bases at competitive pricing throughout the world.

To learn about our natural treatment processes for Ready to Eat FSMA guidelines, custom blends and more, please visit BCFoods.com.