Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Sun Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Dried Tomatoes and Pure Sun Dried?

The tomatoes are basically the same, just dried differently.

The Sun Dried Tomatoes are dried in the sun, and require the addition of sulfites to the product.

The Fresh Dried are air dried in low heat ovens and have no additives.

Pure Sun Dried Tomatoes combine the best of both worlds; partially dehydrated, then finished under the sun. All the flavor with none of the additives — no salt or preservatives.

What is the pack size for tomatoes?

Generally, the Sun Dried Tomatoes are packed in 25 lb cartons. The Fresh Dried Tomatoes and Pure Sun Dried Tomatoes have two carton sizes: 25 lb for the halves and julienne cut, and 35 lb for the smaller cuts. Bulk sizes are available per customer request.

What is the typical pack size of the chiles?

The flakes are packed in a 25 lb carton, and the ground product is packed in a 40 lb carton, which is also the minimum order.

What is the standard pack size for pastes and purees? ?

40 lb pail.

What size is a general sample request?

4 oz plastic jar of product.
8 oz of frozen pastes and purees.

Is there a charge for samples?

No, unless more than a one-pound sample is requested. However, if a sample needs to be expedited faster than UPS ground service, an airfreight account number will be requested.

How does a sample ship? How long does it take to get it out?

Generally via UPS ground and shipped on the third day after the request (i.e., received request on Monday, shipped on Wednesday).

At what temperature should the samples be stored?

The pastes need to be kept frozen until ready to use. The dry product should be stored in refrigeration, 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit if not using for a few weeks. The dry samples can be kept in ambient temperature for a limited time.

What is the shelf life of the tomatoes and chiles?

If stored properly, the shelf life guarantee is:

When stored at 35°-45°: 12 months
46°-55°: 6 months
56°-65°: 3 months
66°-75°: 2 months

Room temp ≤ 72°: 6 months
Refrigerated ≤ 40°: 12 months

Paste and Purees 
Frozen-0°: approx. 6 months

Are you SQF Certifed?

Yes. We are SQF Code Level 2 Certified.

Are you certified Organic?


Are you Kosher certified? For how long is your Kosher certification good?


Our certification is for one year from date of certificate.

Are you Halal certified?