As consumer trends change, so do the needs of our customers. At Culinary Farms, our innovative team of chefs, R&D specialists, and procurement specialists are always staying on top of consumer desires and innovating new products to meet emerging and growing trends.

Recent Innovations

In recent years, Culinary Farms has introduced a variety of new products:

  • Fire Roasted Dehydrated Vegetables
    Fire roasting adds complexity and roasted notes to vegetables like red bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and leeks. It also adds the perception of a meal cooked on the grill, both in taste and appearance.
  • Turkish Sun Dried Tomatoes
    Culinary Farms’ new Turkish Sun Dried Tomatoes are an economical solution to adding savory tomato flavor to food preparations.
  • New Chile-centric Seasonings & Flavors
    Culinary Farms developed several chili-centric seasoning blends and flavors ranging from traditional to unique to mash-ups, including Smoked BBQ, North African Harissa, Jerk, Southeast Asian Sriracha, Sambal, and Kimchi.
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On-Trend Product Expansion

As consumer tastes evolve, our customers are tasked with meeting consumer desires with their packaged goods. Culinary Farms keeps track of consumer trends and we continue expand our line of authentic global artisan ingredients to meet the needs of our customers. You can look forward to further expansion in Culinary Farms offerings in 2020:

  • Fresh Frozen Chiles
    Like our existing line of frozen pastes and purees, fresh frozen chiles are easy to use and blend quickly with other ingredients. They are also available in cuts that can be added directly to your frozen meals and side dishes.
  • Frozen Fire Roasted Chiles
    Like the Fresh Frozen Chiles, but with a trendy and addictive grilled flavor and beautiful charred aesthetic.
  • New Flavor Development
    Our chefs and R&D specialists can create the authentic chile-centric flavor profiles that consumers want in your products. We will continue to formulate standard offerings and can also work directly with your R&D lab to develop proprietary blends just for you.

Custom Solutions

Culinary Farms remains committed not only to expanding our offerings, but also to working together with our customers to produce custom solutions that meet evolving customer trends.

If you are looking for new flavor ideas or need an ingredient you’re not sure we offer, reach out to your sales rep.