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Tomato & Chile Pastes


Culinary Farm's pastes and purees are formulated to deliver authentic flavor. Click on each product below to learn more. Available as both paste or puree, except where noted.

Tomato & Chile Pastes Aji Amarillo Aji Panca Ancho California Chile Chilaca Chile de Arbol Chipotle Ghost Pepper Guajillo Natural Habanero Hatch Pasilla Pequin Scorpion Natural Onion Puree Pure Sun Dried & Smoked Pure Sun Dried Tomato Paste

Culinary Farms’ frozen and shelf-stable pastes and purees are processed in-house to assure greater control over product quality and inventory availability. They deliver true clean label, natural flavor with no adverse after taste.

Our popular tomato pastes come in two varieties — Sun Dried and Smoked Sun Dried, each delivering intense, rich tomato flavor.

Our pure chile pastes and purees are uniquely pungent, made from 100% natural dried Mexican and South American chiles. These pastes enable food service operators and food manufacturers to be on trend with consumer interest in Latin cuisine and chile-flavored foods. The Natural Onion puree delivers all the flavor from fresh onion without tearing!

We also offer a spicy, yet savory line of Specialty Pastes and Purees. Add sizzle and wow to almost any food item with Chipotle Adobo, Enchilada, Fajita, Harissa and Sriracha.

Pastes and purees are easy to use and blend quickly with other ingredients. A small amount goes a long way when adding these powerfully flavored ingredients. Frozen or shelf-stable, pastes and purees are an excellent ingredient format for bases, soups, sauces, marinades and dressings.

Our in-house formulation and processing capability enables us to produce customized pastes and purees to meet a customer’s desired ingredient composition and flavor profile. Give us a call to learn more about custom products and toll processing services.

Culinary Farms is SQF Code Level 2 Certified.

To Request Samples: E-mail or call Customer Service at 888-383-2767 (Ext. 710)


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Aji Amarillo

Aji Panca

Aji Ricoto


Chilaca Paste

California Chile


Chile de Arbol


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