Global & Custom Flavors

Explore global seasonings & flavors
or create something new all your own.

Stand out with chili-centric flavors ranging from traditional to unique to mash-ups, including Smoked BBQ, North African Harissa, Jerk, Southeast Asian Sriracha, Sambal, and Indian Curries.

Available ground or in paste from powder.

Possible Applications: Dips • Moles • Rubs • Salsas & Sauces • Soups & Stews

dried authentic Mexican chile capsicum chili peppers
garlic powder

Smoked BBQ

Mild smoky heat and tomato with BBQ spices.

North African Harissa

Mild heat with earthy North African Spices.


Fragrant blend of Caribbean flavors and Jamaican spices.

Southeast Asian Sriracha ​

Sweet and tangy a mild heat and garlic flavor.


Mild smoky heat and tomato with BBQ spices.

Masala Mole ​

Garam Masala with Ancho and Jalapeno chiles.

Chipotle Adobo ​

Spicy smoky heat with tomato and Mexican spices.

Honey Chipotle Paste ​

Sweet with strong, smoky heat.

custom seasoning flavor chili powder blending

Custom Blends

Custom Chili Powder can be formulated and blended to match your particular regional flavor profile. Use custom blending to enhance your Mexican, Tex-Mex, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Portuguese, Thai or other global cuisine.

Culinary Farms authentic regional dried chile (chili) peppers are pure and characteristically pungent. These capsicum ingredients are unblended and dried from authentic fresh chiles without the application of sulfites.

We pay particular attention to sourcing and supplying the best quality products. This is the critical difference in our line of dried chiles in various cuts and grinds. We consistently monitor our suppliers in Mexico, New Mexico, Peru, and India. The chiles we provide are pure, unadulterated, and give reliable pungency, particle size, and optimum quality. Now steam-treated or irradiated, and in various formats.

Our chilies are available in flakes, ground, pastes, purees, and craft smoked.