Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Chile Peppers & Tomatillos

Fresh • Blanched • Fire Roasted

Spicy • Vibrant • Flavorful

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) authentic Mexican chile peppers and tomatillos are perfect for frozen meal applications, such as pizzas, skillet meals, airline meals, salsas, sauces, burritos, and more. 

Our chile peppers and tomatillos are pure and characteristically pungent, without added colors, flavors, or added ingredients.

Fresh Items: Picked at their peak, cut, and individually quick frozen.

Steam-peeled items: Culinary Farms only uses natural steam peeling, which is easier on both the environment and the food product. Many other processors choose to peel their products using a money-saving lye bath process.

Fire-roasted items: Natural fire roasting adds complexity and roasted notes to chiles and tomatillos. It also adds the perception of a meal cooked on the grill, both in taste and appearance.

IQF Anaheim

Steam Peeled – Green – 3/8" Diced
IQF Fire Roasted – Green – 3/4" Diced
IQF Fire Roasted – Fiesta Mix – 3/4" Diced
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IQF Jalapeño

Fresh – Green 1/4" – Diced
Fresh – Red 1/4" – Diced
Fire Roasted – Green – Whole
Fire Roasted – Green – 1/4" Diced
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IQF Fire Roasted Poblano

Fire Roasted – 3/4" Diced
Fire Roasted – 3/8" Strips
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IQF Tomatillos

Fresh – 3/8" Diced
Blanched – Whole
Fire Roasted – Whole
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