Dried Tomatoes

Dried Tomato Products

Dried Tomatoes

Culinary Farms carries a range of dried tomato products. Click on each tomato below to learn more.

Dried Tomato Products Sun Dried Tomatoes Natural Sun Dried Tomatoes Fresh Dried Tomatoes Organic Dried Tomatoes Italian-Style Savory Tomatoes Southwest Style Sun Dried Tomatoes Oil-infused Sun Dried Tomatoes Mediterranean Turkish Sun Dried Tomatoes

Picked at their peak of culinary quality, our dried tomatoes add a delicious savory tang to any food, sauce or dressing.

California Dried Tomatoes

We offer traditional Sun, our proprietary Pure Sun Dried that is both salt and sulfite free, Fresh and USDA Certified Organic dried tomatoes.

By having dehydrating and sun-drying facilities in the heart of the world’s premier tomato growing region, we are able to process quickly to ensure a higher quality product. Our dried tomato processing facility and cold storage warehouse give us the flexibility to be responsive for timely delivery of product as requested.

Cut and form options: All cut sizes from halves to granular; powdered and paste form. For a delicious smoked flavor, use our smoked dried tomatoes.

Turkish Sun Dried Tomatoes

Culinary Farms' new Turkish Sun Dried Tomatoes are an economical solution to adding savory tomato flavor to food preparations.

These delicious tomatoes are grown and dried under the Mediterranean sun according to Culinary Farms specifications. Once imported to the US, they are inspected and tested at Culinary Farms' facility in California for consistent quality – Culinary Farms is your safest and best source for dried tomatoes of any origin.

Turkish Sun Dried Tomatoes are prepared from fresh, sound, sun-ripened Roma type tomatoes washed with water and naturally sun dried. Available with or without sulfur for preservation.

Cut and form options: Halves, julienne, double julienne and triple diced.

Grown in Turkey, these are a more economic option to our California dried tomatoes.

Product Statements

Our dried tomatoes are produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and under a documented Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan. Culinary Farms is also certified under the SQF Code. All tomato orders are accompanied by an easily traceable pack code allowing them to be traced back through processing to the field in which the tomatoes were grown.

To Request Samples: E-mail info@culinaryfarms.com or call Customer Service at 888-383-2767 (Ext. 710)


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Dried Tomato Products

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