About Us

Food Artisans Ingredient Innovators

Culinary Farms offers a unique line of products including dried tomatoes, specialty chilies, roasted and smoked products, and custom flavors and seasonings.

Culinary Farms’ seasoning and ingredient products are artisan quality, manufactured through blending the best of old-world methods with modern and efficient technology.

ground capsicum chili powder from chile peppers spicy spice seasoning ingredient

Personalized Products

There are three ways to stand out:
  • Provide consumers with the foods they already know and love, but do it better
  • Provide consumers with the foods they already know and love, but with a new twist
  • Develop a flavor or application that is entirely new and utterly crave-worthy
Using high quality ingredients, the Culinary Farms Innovation Team works with food manufacturers to match formulas or create unique taste experiences that consumers will crave.
  • Flavor system formulations
  • Flavor key development
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Customized dried ingredient processing

Our History

Founded in California, U.S. in 1995, we use our expertise in dried ingredients, proprietary technology, and custom ingredient processing capabilities to develop distinctive flavors. Our unique products can be used in a wide range of dry and wet mix, prepared and processed food applications. 

In the fall of 2017, Culinary Farms was acquired by BCFoods. Expanding on the Culinary Farms line of authentic specialty food ingredients and flavors, BCFoods offers their line of industrial dried ingredients, including garlic, onion, bell pepper, tomato, carrot, black and white pepper, and many others.

Our Values


Culinary Farms is a responsive and reliable global supplier of high quality, healthy, and flavorful food ingredients. We strive to become the spice and seasoning partner of choice within the food industry.

Social & Environmental Responsibility​

Our products are derived from nature. We are committed to sound environmental and sustainability practices. Doing so contributes to higher quality and safer products, and a thoughtful working environment for our employees.

  • Water conservation
  • Reusable processing containers
  • Minimal packaging
  • 100% of the fresh tomato waste is utilized for animal feed

About BCFoods

We are Producers. Our factories operate at the highest tier of food safety and operational efficiency. Our production of onion, garlic, bell pepper, tomato, carrot, and many other dried ingredients gives us the widest high-volume range of products world-wide.

We are Global Procurement and Processing. Many of our ingredients come from regions far from our primary factories. Our global reach enables us to procure these ingredients, reprocess them using state-of-the-art technology, and bring them to our sales channels for world-wide distribution. Our Quality Assurance experts travel the globe to ensure our standards are upheld.

We are a Network of Strategic Business Partners. Key operations around the world (Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru…) partner with BCFoods to produce finished goods in strict adherence to our production requirements. These partner facilities cooperate with BCFoods under regional and international trade agreements.

We are Global Sales and Distribution. Most of our major customers have operations across the globe. BCFoods operates under four global business units for direct sales into every major food market worldwide. Our entire portfolio of ingredients is available either by locally warehoused sites, or via full or partial, direct containers. Refer to the back of this brochure for contact information of our nearest office.

We are a Complete Solutions Provider. Our value-added services include blending, packaging, warehousing, and flavors. We possess the capability to create diverse blends and package them in various ways to tailor to the specific needs of our customers. Additionally, we are adept at collaborating with customers to explore flavor variations, ensuring we identify the optimal solution for their applications.