Culinary Farms Chiles for Exotic Cuisine

Aji Limo Peppers

We were excited to read the recent article in Food Business News (Food Business News – November 7, 2023 [30 – 31]) titled, “New Twists on an Old Idea”. It’s all about the spice and heat; and at Culinary Farms, our passion is to deliver both!

Food manufacturers are constantly seeking new and exciting ways to captivate the palates of their customers. In the ever-evolving landscape of food manufacturing, innovation is essential to remain competitive and relevant.  Culinary Farms is acutely aware of the consumer trend of exploring exotic cuisines and diverse flavors from different corners of the globe. Partnering with us allows you to tap into this trend to deliver products that not only meet but exceed consumer expectations. Whether you are experimenting with recreating international dishes or developing new and exciting recipes and products, having access to a diverse array of chiles, pastes and purees is the key.

With over 20 years of experience, Culinary Farms stands at the forefront of chile pepper production, offering a range of premium chiles that align with the dynamic needs of CPG manufacturers. Our chiles are farmed around the globe and Culinary Farms has become synonymous with quality, variety, and commitment to delivering unparalleled flavor. With a keen focus on sustainability and state-of-the-art farming practices, along with an Innovation Team to help with custom development, we provide the key ingredients that can set your products apart in a crowded market.

We are proud of our expansive collection of chile peppers, each with unique flavor profiles and heat levels. Our chiles present an exceptional opportunity for CPG manufacturers to add exciting dimensions to their products. Here are some of the chiles that can transform your offerings:

Aji Limo peppers are a popular choice in Peruvian cuisine. These 2-3 inch peppers come in vibrant colors and offer a citrus-spice flavor when cooked.

Ghost peppers are for those seeking intense heat, They can infuse your products with an unforgettable level of spiciness.

Red Jalapeno is one of the most widely known hot peppers in the world and is popular in all forms. Our Red Jalapeno Puree is extremely versatile, with bold flavor and mild heat.

Culinary Farms is a dynamic partner in your journey to spice up your products and cater to the ever curious and adventurous palates of your consumers. Contact info@culinaryfarms.com for more information or to request a sample.

Aji Limo Pepper Field