To begin, we at Culinary Farms welcome you into the new year and wish you a very happy and prosperous 2021. 

2020 has been a challenge for all of us. As some of the difficulties of the past year continue into 2021, we remain committed to our customers and the people they serve.

Here are our top three commitments for 2021 (click the links to learn more or just read on):

On-Trend Product Expansion

As consumer trends change, so do the needs of our customers.

In 2019, we introduced three new lines of ingredient products:

Fire Roasted Dried Vegetables

This line addresses the growing consumer desire for fire-roasted, BBQ, and smoked flavors. Producing these flavors in natural ways that do not add to your end product’s ingredient list also addresses the growing Clean Label trend.

Turkish Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Culinary Farms’ Turkish Sun-Dried Tomatoes are an economical solution to adding savory tomato flavor to food preparations.

New Chile-centric Seasonings & Flavors

Culinary Farms developed several chili-centric seasoning blends and flavors ranging from traditional to unique to mash-ups, including Smoked BBQ, North African Harissa, Jerk, Southeast Asian Sriracha, Sambal, Kimchi, and Indian Curries.

In 2020, we introduced two new frozen lines of Mexican chiles and tomatillos:

Block Frozen

Easy to use and blend with other ingredients; this is an excellent format for bases, soups, sauces, marinades, fillings, and dressings. We offer both fresh and fire-roasted chiles and tomatillos in block frozen format.

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)

Our IQF products are perfect for frozen meal applications, such as pizzas, skillet meals, airline meals, salsas, sauces, burritos, and more. Like our Block Frozen line, we offer both fresh and fire-roasted chiles and tomatillos in IQF.

In 2021, Culinary Farms remains committed not only to expanding our offerings but also to working together with our customers to produce custom solutions that meet evolving customer trends. If you are looking for new flavor ideas or need an ingredient you’re not sure we offer, reach out to your sales rep.


Quality has always been a defining characteristic of Culinary Farms products, and we commit to continuing this in 2021.

Our supply chain is built on strategic and collaborative relationships forged with growers and producers. We are very selective and verify the quality and safety of everything we process as well as other ingredients we source. Our growers and contract processors are subject to product safety and quality audits as part of our SQF program. In 2020, we will continue to maintain the highest standards for all the dried vegetable, fruit, spice, and seasoning ingredients we offer.

Learn more about Culinary Farms’ commitment to quality.

Worker Health & Reliable Supply During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our nation and the world into 2021, we know the need is now more than ever to protect our employees’ health while supplying our customers with high-quality artisan food ingredients.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we added new company-wide sanitation and safety measures early in 2020, and are limiting person-to-person contact as much as possible while continuing to produce and ship the ingredients our customers need. In addition, we diversified our inbound shipments in case of any location-specific freight interruption.

Our customers can feel confident that Culinary Farms will continue to provide them with the quality ingredients they need to keep up with demand. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your sales rep.

Learn more about the actions we’re taking to Keep America Fed.

Happy 2021!

With these three promises, Culinary Farms is committed to meeting customer needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as maintaining the high quality of our products and ensuring on-trend offerings as consumer palates and cravings evolve.

From all of us at Culinary Farms and BCFoods, Happy New Year!