Craft Smoked &
Flavor-Infused Sea Salts

Add a dash of smokiness with
aromatic chile-infused smoked sea salts.

Craft Smoked & Flavor-Infused Sea Salts​

Hint of Ancho

Capsicum Dried Ancho Chile Chili Pepper

Hint of Chile de Arbol

Capsicum Chile de Arbol Mexican chili pepper

Hint of Chipotle

chipotle peppers

Hint of Guajillo

Capsicum guajillo chile chili from Mexico

Hint of Habanero

Capsicum Dried Mexican Chile Pepper Habanero Chili

Hint of Pasilla

Capsicum Mexican dried chilaca pasilla chili pepper

Plain Smoked Sea Salt

custom seasoning flavor chili powder blending

Custom Blends

Custom Chili Powder can be formulated and blended to match your particular regional flavor profile. Use custom blending to enhance your Mexican, Tex-Mex, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Portuguese, Thai or other global cuisine.