Every family has a handful of favorite holiday recipes that they whip up every year. How about spicing it up this year by adding one or two additional ingredients that you haven’t used before? Here are a few suggestions using Culinary Farms ingredients.

Pork Shoulder

Make a simple rub with equal parts chipotle chile flakes, garlic, salt, and sugar to flavor your pork shoulder overnight before slow roasting it to a succulent tender texture.


Add some of our guajillo paste in fresh homemade tamales for a subtly spicy, earthy flavor with sweet overtones.


Add some holiday red and green to your table! For an easy and delicious bruschetta, add some Italian Savory dried tomatoes infused with natural Italian herb flavors and a basil leaf garnish.

Hot Chocolate

Stir in some ground ancho or pasilla chile for a spicy hot chocolate.