Culinary Farms continues its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of food safety and product quality by achieving Safe Quality Foods Program (SQF) Code Level 2 certification. The SQF certification provides independent verification that our quality management system complies with domestic and international food safety regulations in participation with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI is a broad-based food industry program that addresses every step of food safety from the farm to the retailer.

What is SQF Code Program?

Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has developed food safety guideline documents in order to set commonly-agreed criteria as framework to which schemes related to food safety can be benchmarked. There are numerous food safety schemes, including Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), formally benchmarked to GFSI. We at Culinary Farms have selected SQF Code that has been designed for use by all sectors of the food industry from primary production to transport and distribution of food.

The SQF code is a process and product certification standard. It is a food safety and quality management system based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HAPPC) that used the national Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Food (NACMCF) and the CODEX code certification on high degree of acceptance in global markets.

The main feature of the SQF code is its emphasis on the systemic application of HACCP for control of food quality hazards as well as food safety. Applicable to all links in the food supply chain (from primary production, manufacturing, transport, and storage), the SQF Program provides a solution for the management of supply chain food safety and quality assurance. Its certification and audit procedures, including auditor qualifications, are governed by one set of rules which are overseen by established international accreditation standards.

The SQF Code (Level 2) is recognized by the European-based Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Major regional and global retailers accept product grown or manufactured by SQF-certified suppliers. The SQF Program is suitable for both large and small suppliers. It reduces the need for multiple supplier audits, enables flexibility in its implementation and, when implemented fully, provides an effective management tool to demonstrate that customer requirements are being met while setting the framework for continuous improvement within the business.

What is SQF Code?

The SQF Code is a HACCP-based food safety and quality management program designed primarily for the processing and manufacturing sector. The Code utilizes the CODEX HACCP method to address both food safety and quality. The methods used to manage food safety are documented in a Food Safety Plan and the methods used to manage quality are documented in a Food Quality Plan.

The SQF Code is divided into three certification levels. Each level indicates the stage of development of a supplier’s food safety and quality management system. A supplier can choose a level that is acceptable to a customer and the attainment of a level indicates the stage of development of a supplier’s food safety and and quality management system. The three levels of certification for the SQF Code are:

  • Level 1: Food Safety Fundamentals
  • Level 2: Certified HACCP Food Safety Plans
  • Level 3: Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System

Implementing SQF Code

The SQF Code requires that Prerequisite Programs, Food Safety Plans, and Food Quality Plans be implemented and maintained by an SQF Practitioner. An SQF Practitioner is an employee of the supplier who has attended an HACCP course and is able to demonstrate adequate knowledge and understanding of the SQF Systems. At Culinary Farms, this is Dr. Mohammad Azam, Director of Technical Services and Regulatory Compliance.

In addition to SQF, most of our products are kosher, halal, and organic certified, as well as gluten and allergen free. Our website contains specific ingredient information on all of our products. 

Compiled by:
Dr. Mohammad Azam
Director fo Technical Services and Regulatory Compliance
Culinary Farms, Inc.

GFSI Food Safety Standards by Paul Valder
SQF Code 7th Edition by Safe Quality Food Institute