Discover all the new items we added over the past year, inspired by growing consumer trends like world flavors, chile-centric dishes, and plant-based meat replacements.

  Clean Label: Additive & Preservative Free
  Kosher & Non-GMO


  Reliable Pungency

New Dried Chile Peppers & Superhots​

New Shelf-Stable Chile Pepper Mashes​

New Shelf-Stable Chile Pepper Mashes​

New Seasonings For Plant-Based
Meat Alternatives

Application Inspirations

Fried calamari with red jalapeno aioli

Fried Calamari with Red Jalapeño Pepper Aioli

A crispy appetizer for any occasion with a flavor-packed dipping sauce featuring our ground red jalapeño chiles.

Scorpion Spice Seasoning

Create a one of kind seasoning with our ground scorpion chile peppers to sprinkle over some grilled skewers or your favorite tacos.
Hot wings with spicy chile pepper sauce

Carolina Reaper Wings

Add some savory heat to classic buffalo or sweet and spicy wings with our Red Carolina Reaper Mash.
Pazole Verde

Pozole Verde

Add our Green Serrano Purée for tangy and hearty pozole with subtle heat.
Tomato Biryani Rice

Tomato Biryani

Our Savory Tomato Seasoning compliments aromatic spices with a new layer of richness and refreshing tomato flavor.

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