Seasonings for plant-based meat alternatives create meat-like flavor using clean-label natural ingredients.

Culinary Farms has launched nine new ready-to-use dry seasoning blends for consumer packaged food manufacturers (CPGs) and foodservice companies. These blends were designed with plant-based meat alternative products in mind, but food manufacturers can also include them in savory snack applications. They are a clean-label solution to adding umami flavor reminiscent of specific meat products such as andouille sausage, chicken nuggets, chorizo, bacon, and more.

Today, over 70% of American consumers are trying plant-based meat alternative products, while recent studies show that they’re also willing to pay more for clean-label options. The Culinary Farms in-house Innovation Team designed these new seasonings to offer companies in the food industry the opportunity to provide for both consumer trends.

“We formulated these seasonings using clean label vegetable ingredients fortified with the umami taste that traditional meat products provide,” said Andy Chih, Research and Development Manager at Culinary Farms. “They satisfy consumers’ craving for clean-label plant-based foods without compromising on taste.”

Seasoning blends from Culinary Farms are immediately available in packaging to suit your requirements.

Discover Culinary Farms’ new line of seasonings at https://culinaryfarms.com/products/plant-based-meat-alternative-seasonings, or contact your local Culinary Farms sales rep to order samples.